Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review of Spankdown by Cassandre Dayne

This is quite a steamy story that kicks off from page one, and is not afraid to throw in a naughty giggle or two. Ms Dayne’s characters are very relatable, and the heat between Drake and Victoria is immediately noticeable. She’s not afraid to indulge in the taboo that is the teacher-student sexual relationship. After all, most people have a teacher from school they had fantasies about.
There is no hedging about in these pages, as each character makes their thoughts known early on, and Drake’s plan of seduction is quickly underway. No time wasting here, which is a delight all its own.
The college scene is aptly described, bringing back memories of school, when hormones are usually at their peak; sexual interest is at an all time high, and the masses of students experiencing exactly the same changes, exuding feelings of arousal that become almost palpable.
Every little detail is written with such finesse, that one can almost smell the wine, hear music and lockers being slammed, not to mention feel the heat that gets the heart pounding and the body tingling. Once the heat and sexual tension starts to build, the visuals become even clearer; this is certainly a true success when it comes to mental imagery.
What a lot of erotic tales fail in is the unrealistic sizes and details, but not Spankdown. Victoria is a seemingly normal woman, with tastes to the painful, without the ridiculously high expectations that most leading ladies seem to have. She is one hundred percent relatable, which makes this an even tastier morsel of literature.
Meanwhile, the go and forth between Drake and his equally sensuous buddy Tyson just spurs on the heat. As Drake divulges his plan to Tyson, it sends the mind wild, eager to see the plan play out.
We all fantasize about allowing our naughtier side out, and as Victoria gives in, it’s a relief felt as though it’s the reader giving in. Every nuance of arousal and shamelessness is loud and clear, and just encourages the reader to keep their eyes glued to the screen.  Once the line is crossed and there is no going back, the sizzle only increases to the point of combustion. The manipulations of Drake and Tyson add even more tense anticipation, and when tables turn, it’s no slight commotion, and there is no easing off.
Erotica isn’t my usual genre, but the wonderful catchy title drew me in, and I was thrilled to find out I’d be reviewing this e-book. Knowing the talent that Naughty Nights Press attracts, I had high expectations. Cassandre far exceeded them, with her delightful weaving of erotic thoughts and fantasies, leaving the mind spinning from the intensity. I look forward to reading more from this Mistress of the Taboo.