Friday, October 9, 2015



Blood Lost Book #2 in the Pink Rhinestone Tiara Series


DJ Shaw Coming October 9 2015


Catriogwyn is a Vampire/Succubus hybrid who has found her perfect mate in Demetrio, a Genie. But while the two of them are trying to figure out their relationship they find new demands in domesticated bliss. Will they be able to survive? Or will they find it to be too much and call it quits?


The click on the other end of the phone reminded her that she was making a phone call, “Hello?”

She took a deep breath. “Hey, Josh. It’s Catriogwyn. I’m calling because…”

“You’d better be calling to tell me that your ass is back in Chicago," Jeff interrupted her, "and that you’ll be in to work in the morning. Otherwise, this is wasting my time.”

Catriogwyn answered him rather shakily, “Actually, that’s not at all why I’m calling. There have been a few more hitches that I have no control over and I have to stay a little longer…”

The sharp intake of breath was the only warning she had before Josh started yelling on the other end of the phone. “God damn it, Catriogwyn! I need you here like last week! I can’t keep making excuses to the owners why you’re not here.”

Catriogwyn felt the tears welling but refused to betray any emotion when she spoke. “I realize that, Josh, but there isn’t much I can do about the unforeseen circumstances that have popped up. Just let the owners know that I will be gone for the foreseeable future and I’ll call when I’m leaving town. I hate to leave you in a lurch but other things have crashed down on me.”

Josh let out an exasperated breath. “You know what, Catriogwyn?" he snapped.  "Don’t worry about it. I’ve been covering for your ass for the last three months. Consider yourself fired.”

With that he hung up. Catriogwyn was shocked!You would think some people would understand a death in the family. Guess they thought since I hadn’t been in touch with Prudence that it would be a quick trip. Just get the items left to me and take care of 
the funeral then back home. So sorry to have to disappoint, she thought as she made her way to the kitchen and her genie.