Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nicky_Destinata_FB2 About the book: Destinata is the first instalment of The Valguard Trilogy. A sci-fi/fantasy packed full of drama, action, beings that aren’t quite human, and of course a little romance. Imagine being eighteen. You've just become an adult, you can do what you like when you like. You should be attending friend’s parties or studying for school. Well that's what Charlie Dawson thought her life would be like when she turned eighteen anyway. Instead she ends up parentless, living with her best friends and working at a nearby café. That is until her curiosity about her new mysterious neighbor gets the better of her. Following Zane into the woods that surround her home town of Tole one night, Charlie gets a little more than she bargains for when he lets her in on Tole’s best kept secrets. The human’s that reside in town aren’t alone. Among them walk the Valguard - a super-human race created by man centuries ago - and though they have been content to lay low in Tole for almost two decades, things are set into motion when Charlie is alerted to their existence that cannot be altered. But perhaps the biggest secret of all is that Charlie herself is part Valguard and also the Destinata - or the chosen one -who is fated to stop the Earth from certain destruction when the humans of the planet discover the truth about the Valguard. In the start of a battle that would surely see the destruction of the Earth, Charlie will have to survive against the odds. In the first instalment of the Valguard trilogy readers will follow Charlie’s adventure along with four of her closest friends that sees her maturing too quickly, losing loved ones, finding new love and having to face down not one but two enemies, because sometimes being born of both races doesn’t ensure your safety among them.
10619970_10152751532541639_1601200589767291579_oAbout the Author: Sunshine, surf and family are the corner stone of Nicky’s world. Being born and raised on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia gave her the opportunity to chase her dream of photography and later novel writing. She fell in love with fantasy and dystopian and crafted stories with strong men and powerful women. Her debut novel Destinata will be released on October 15, 2014 with several short stories following. Her second novel is set to release November 6 and is being published through Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. When she is not busy being an author, you will find her walking along the water with her husband or chasing after her two children.
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