Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Special Midweek Promo with Cree Walker's Maple Lane Manor

I'm here with a special post, promoting newest release from Cree Walker and Naughty Nights Press; Maple Lane Manor: Home for Retired Supernaturals. This promises to be a very hot, interesting read. And it has the very hunky Francis Cura on the cover. What's not to love?!

Maple Lane returns to the retirement home where she grew up, after ten years away, and must face the music. How can she rebuild the dilapidated building, repay a massive mortgage, and restore her residents’ faith in her with her arch-nemesis –Stacy Three Names—breathing down her neck, hungry for an artifact said to grant immortality? As Stacy sabotages Maple’s efforts, the gorgeous new handyman Derek complicates matters with his demon blood and hot attraction.
How can Maple and her residents fight Stacy, find the artifact, and save their home with the rich and powerful of the town arrayed against them?
…And can she trust a demon to help her?

It's strictly a romance but here is the steamiest scene in the book
Derek had gone straight to his room, so I didn’t expect to see him again, but he was standing in his doorway as I tried sneaking passed.
“Is everyone tucked in?”
I clutched my chest with one hand and covered a scream with the other.
He gave me one of his crooked grins and gently pulled me into his room, closing the door quietly behind me. “You didn’t think I was going to let you off that easy, did you?”
“I was hoping.”
He cocked his head. “Were you, now?”
Sort of. I nodded emphatically.
He shook his head slowly as he closed the distance between us. “I’d have to be a dead man to allow you to get out of that dress without at least offering my assistance.” He leaned down and kissed me lightly.
“You’re gonna be a dead man if Walter finds out,” I said.
He grinned and slid a hand up my bare back beneath the silver chains. “I’m just helping you out.”
Of the dress, or other things?
“I have to go take a shower,” I said breathlessly.
“It’s the dry season, and your shower today must have taken close to an hour.” He leaned in again, and I felt him grin against my throat before he kissed me just above my collarbone.
He was an incubus. Of course he’d know about my special alone time in the shower. And as of late, that time was becoming embarrassingly frequent.
“I’m afraid if I don’t help you out tonight, we’ll run out of water by tomorrow.”
“Just to be clear, you’re not talking about the dress anymore, are you?”
“That’s part of it, yeah.”
“Are you sure? Maybe you just need a cookie or something.”
In response he put his forehead against mine and gripped my ass, pressing me against the door with his body. “I don’t think that’s going to cover it anymore.” His voice came out all husky and wanting, the way I’d always imagined it.
“I don’t think a shower’s going to do me much good, either.”
He chuckled. “I was hoping you’d say that.”
Maple Lane Manor, Home for Retired Supernaturals, finalist for the 2013 UpAuthor's Fiction Challenge.
The Paranormal Romance Guild gives Maple Lane Manor, Home for Retired Supernaturals 5 Stars..."This is a wonderful book filled with romance, betrayal, lies, and suspense. It also has some amazing characters. What I liked most was that there were not so many characters that you lost track of who is who. If you love paranormal books than this one is perfect, it is paranormal with a healthy serving of humor." PRG Reviewer Linda Tonis

Released today from Naughty Nights Press. Also available at all the usual places, All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo. But please keep in mind due to limited access to internet, this has had to be pre-scheduled, before the release, so the only link I had available was direct to Naughty Nights Press. It's the best place to buy from!