Thursday, June 27, 2013

Naughty Nights Press celebrates 2 years with a Blog Hop!

That's right, Naughty Nights Press has been around for 2 years already! And of course going strong. To celebrate, 30 authors, including yours truly, are participating in a blog hop with loads of goodies to give away. You can find the full list of those participating to the right side. Feel free to have a look around all of the blogs participating, leave some comment love and who knows, you could be a winner on any of them! 
Not to mention, NNP shall have one grand prize gift winner of a Kindle Fire, chosen at the end of the hop from the Rafflecopter Entries, and we shall also be randomly choosing one lucky commenter/entrant from both the blog comment section and Rafflecopter to win one of seven, yes, one for each day of the hop, one of seven titillating, erotic romance ebooks! (Titles can be seen in the picture further down this post.)

Now, being that it is a blog hop to celebrate the second anniversary of Naughty Nights Press, I want to take this chance to show my appreciation as an author published by NNP. As regular readers of The Naughty Pages know, I recently made my publishing debut back in January, and have had not only the sequels to that first novella, The Wolf in the Neighborhood, accepted by NNP, but also a novelette, which is currently in edits, with a novel recently submitted and plans for another 3 novels and another short story all eager to call NNP home. The support I have felt from fellow NNP authors as well as the people who work there butts off to polish up the musings of this fledgling author, is what keeps me going. Well, of course support of family and friends and the positive reviews I've had so far
also keep me going, but I want to talk about the support from the NNP side, since it is a blog hop about Naughty Nights Press. 
I want to give a very quick history about how I came to submit to NNP. It actually goes back to me liking Quentin Tarantino's fanpage on Facebook. A random (at the time) person added me, and we quickly became friends. Johnny Francis Wolf (find him on Facebook here!) has become a great friend of mine, and eventually, through him I got to talking to Penny Peterssen, through whom I then met Gina Kincade. This was before Naughty Nights Press was created. I came to know these two ladies as tell-it-straight, honest and reliable women who I came to trust. They were very supportive of me when I started writing again, and I was very excited when plans for Naughty Nights Press were announced. It only seemed natural that I submit my first novella to them, and I was thrilled to receive my acceptance email only two months later. Since then, I've gleefully submitted 5 more stories to them, one of which only recently so it's still early days for that one, but I'm hopeful. I have a WIP that I'd considered submitting elsewhere for a few reasons, however the more I thought about it, the more it just didn't feel right to submit it somewhere else. So I've happily made the decision that all my stories, if accepted, will call Naughty Nights Press home. I couldn't be more thrilled with the hardwork and dedication shown by Gina, Penny, the editors and of course the fantastic Shane Willis. 
And so, without further ado, happy second anniversary Naughty Nights Press, and may we grow stronger in the coming years! 

The Wolf in the Neighborhood, Book One of my debut trilogy of novellas, Wolf Smitten. 
Blurb: What do you do when your past comes back to haunt you? 
Could a dark secret revealed by a new lover be something you could overlook just to have him?
What kind of secrets could you learn to live with for true love? 

Krissy has a hunky new neighbor with a dark secret; Derek is a vet with an interesting past. They hit it off quickly but when Krissy’s abusive ex, James comes to town, Derek shows a side Krissy never could have guessed, but James refuses to give up. 

Can Derek’s secret save them, or will James have his revenge?

A shuffled footstep and a deep, yet quiet “ahem” shook her out of her reverie and she immediately sat up, looking for her robe. An unusual wind gust earlier had blown it out of reach and as its fluttering caught her eye, she finally saw the gorgeous body that belonged to the voice responsible for interrupting her tanning session. Her eyes travelled up his long legs hidden behind faded denim, paused at the bulge behind the zipper and kept crawling up his torso, enjoying the sight of the defined muscles stretching his black tee shirt provocatively. His large tanned hand held out her robe, the sun making the red satin shine. 

“I’m sorry,” the stranger said, his deep voice rumbling across the rooftop. “I didn’t mean to startle you. I’ve just moved in and wanted to check out the view.”

Krissy couldn’t quite determine his accent. It seemed to flow between a Texan drawl and a classy clipped British brogue; a combination she did not expect to hear intermingled. It was very attractive and she found herself wanting to know what kind of life brought these two contrasting accents together. His muscular body only enhanced her growing interest.

As he stepped towards her, waving the robe to catch her attention, she remembered that she was standing in front of a total stranger wearing nothing but a smile, a tan, and a growing blush.

One lucky commenter from anywhere in the world will be receiving a free digital copy of The Wolf in the Neighborhood at the end of the blog hop on the 3rd of July. I may be making my debut with werewolves, but I have many more stories to come about vampires, angels, witches, wizards, demi-gods and many other assorted paranormal creatures. So please, feel free to tell me what is your favourite paranormal creature? If it isn't something that is already on my list then maybe I'll write a story involving some of those suggested in the comments.