Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just wanted to say thank you...

Now, I know, it's Monday. It's supposed to be a promo post. Don't worry, it will be posted in the coming days, hopefully, and having read the book myself, I can tell you know it is well worth the wait. I'm tempted to read it again, actually, except that Persephone is screaming at me to try to finish the story. 
Instead, today, I'm going to post something specifically for you readers out there. Many of you may have heard of recent events of authors (one in particular) behaving badly. Now, the blog post that is in question was pulled, and the author said that it was taken in the wrong light. (For those who don't actually know what I'm talking about, here is your chance to read about it, I won't post it here.) Having read that, I'm disinclined to agree, but *throws hands up* maybe I'm personally being a little sensitive, because I believe you can still make art and make money, and that erotica is still art. However, it's hard to see how the tweets were taken in the wrong light. Of course, being the internet, despite the tweets now being pulled, someone got a screenshot of it. Once on the internet, always on the internet. (A screen shot is posted on this "Goodreads motherf*****s" review). 
Anyway, that is enough about the actual post. Suffice to say it has outraged many readers and authors alike, with many blog posts publicly naming and shaming, floods of bad reviews and comments on Goodreads and Amazon, and now a few more authors now quietly having their say, including me. Many of us now feel that we should let you readers know that there are so many more authors out there who DO appreciate your support, and DO NOT think that you're too stupid to understand our art. 
Let me talk about that last one in particular. Two points I'd like to make; 1. Art truly is in the eye of the beholder. So not everyone will get a piece of art, and not everyone will understand it in the same way. That does not mean that those who don't "get it" are stupid; it just means they are not the audience for it. 2. Erotica IS a form of art to many; just because one person sees it as selling out, doesn't make it true. An incredibly large portion of the current market is made up of erotica/romance. That is just what the readers want now. Writing to that market doesn't make anyone a sell out. Many of us enjoy writing "trash", just as many of you readers enjoy reading "trash." Writing to that market makes an author a smart business person. Simple as that. And it is still art for those who truly enjoy the genre. 
Back to the topic; What I really want this post to be about is you, the reader. This is a little something I've posted on Goodreads in response to a few of the vocal readers who were clearly, and justifiably upset by the transgressions of a certain author... 

To all you readers, I feel ashamed that there are authors out there like this. When I heard about the rant (got to read it thanks to a few of the other authors who nabbed it before it was pulled), I just had to laugh in shame and shake my head. One of the worst things an author can do is trash talk her readers. I've only just made my debut back in January, only just got my first two not-so-shiny reviews last month... and shrugged it off. Because not everyone is THE audience for every book. And from what I've seen, UF isn't the way to go if you're only after huge sales; not right now. Going with the flow of the market isn't selling out, and low sales does not mean readers are too stupid. To think that, let alone state it on the internet of all places, is just asking for an axe to one's career. 
So, once more, I'm sorry that there are authors out there like this. But know that there are so many more who do appreciate even those who don't enjoy our books, because your reviews can help us improve future books, and really, any sale is a plus because it means our work is worth something. So thank you, to those who buy books, THANK YOU! 

Still number 5 at NNP thanks to you!

And I mean it. I truly to thank you for your support to date, and your support in the future. Don't let one bad apple ruin things. So many authors do appreciate you, and without you, we'd be writing for just ourselves; so many of us wouldn't be writing at all. So please, don't give up on all authors. There are so many more good apples out there!