Monday, March 25, 2013

Promo Monday with Shawn Monrowe

Hi, Shawn, and a very warm welcome to The Naughty Pages. I’m thrilled to have you here today to discuss your writing.

~So tell me, what specifically do you write? 

I tend to write what has been termed “Erotic Horror”. I have been trying to slide away from the horror aspect of it, but I just keep coming back to it. I have always felt they work well together. I know some people are into “historical romance” and what I think of as “coupling” (like Harlinquin). For me, however, I like a like a little blood with my cum.

~What type of writer are you; do you plot it out or, like myself, are you a pantser?

Not counting edits and rewrites, I like to just sit down and let it slowly flow out of me. I may work some things over in my head before I actually write anything. I mainly just sit and write.

~Why did you first take up the pen, so to speak? 

I think it was pretty clear to everyone that this was what I was going to do. Even as a young child, I had the ability to tell stories. Some might call me a natural liar. I don't take offence to that. I've heard another name for a writer is a professional bullshit artist. If so, consider me Van Gogh's assistant.

~Did you always know you would write? Or are you a newbie to the craft? 

Like I said above, this is a natural profession for me.

~You write specific genres, do you find them enjoyable to read as well?

Yes, I'd say I love to read erotic horror. The problem is that it never really gets bloody or sexy enough for me. That's why I love writing for Naught Nights Press. There really is no limit to how far you can go. Now, don't misunderstand me. I'm not talking about bringing children or family pets into it. But, Stephen King or Peter Strab would never put down on paper what I would. When I read a sex scene, I want to know everything about the man and woman. Not just what they look like and, if I'm lucky, what position they are in.  Where inside her is he? Ass or slit? Is he biting her nipples or is she biting his neck? Is there a moneyshot or creampie? That's what I want to know.

~As a writer, who is an idol of yours? 

There are people that I like and people I enjoy, but I do not idolize anyone.

~Who is your favourite author to read? 

Stephen King, of course. And the masters of horror. However, my two favorite books are “The Keep” and “I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream”.

~Are the any shoutouts you’d like to make? 

Big shoutout to Gina, Penny, and all of my N.N.P. family. I love you all. And I thank you for the opportunity you've given me to prove myself to you. And to  my aunt (I called her Nan).She passed away a few years ago, but she was the one that really pushed me to do what made me happiest in life. Nan was also the person that introduced me to horror. “From old school Dracula and Frankenstein to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes” If it wasn't for her, I'd probably be a stock room manager somewhere.

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