Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter!

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter, and a safe long weekend, wherever in the world you are.
Although I would usually bring a guest to post on the 5th Friday of a month, this time around, I just want to wish you all a wonderful time no matter how you are spending it.
For those wanting some Eye Candy with their sweet candy...
Following from that, I would like to hear how you are all spending your Easter weekend. My partner and myself are lucky to be having a couple kid-free days to relax and have some couple time, before the big family lunch on Sunday. Those are days always filled with good food, good company and plenty of laughs. We all have our own "designated" food stuff to bring, which makes it easier, and everyone has a good time. Someone usually brings some bubbles, which are usually quite nice, followed by snacking on chips, dips crackers and chocolates, and a yummy lunch of roast chicken and salads. Sitting in front of the air con means a delicious meal eaten in comfort, followed by whatever yummy dessert my oldest sister thinks of. All in all makes for a good day every time.
So now it's your turn. How do you spend your Easter weekends?