Sunday, September 16, 2012

A little mishap, because life gets busy

I must apologise that this Monday does not have a promo post. Although it was organised and discussed, both the author and myself forgot to ensure it was in my inbox due to extremely busy schedules on both our parts. I have been in touch with the author, and will hopefully be able to post the promo piece in the coming days. We'll be back on schedule as of next week, however!

Now, I know I would normally also post a personal update when mishaps like this happen, but unfortunately I'm bogged down with study right now, so time is against me. However, I may be able to post an update in the coming days as well.
I do, however, want to express my gratitude towards all those who show their support to me, and the authors I host on here for their promotion. I can assure you, once life calms down a little more, I will hopefully post more personal updates, but until then, I do want you all to know I appreciate all the support and comments!