Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So for once Promo Monday wasn't booked, so I was intending to post an update on my self; writing, uni, heck even a little personal update as well! Of course, all these three got in the way of posting the update on Monday, so I'm here on Tuesday to finally post. So, I'll start with the writing update: to be honest, it has been neglected of late due to uni essays. However, going back to "old school" and hand writing some it while my man used the laptop (the desktop tower is waiting for a new HDD before it can come home, this time for good!) has kicked off a little writing burst that has now seen chapter 1 of Leader of The Pack (Wolf Smitten book 3) at 5000 words. Whoopsie! A little long, so have to try to split it in to 2 chapters in the coming days. Still waiting to hear back about my latest 2 submissions but NNP has been swamped with submissions lately, shows that they are doing something right! Still working slowly on my other WIP's as well, I haven't forgotten about any of my stories. As for study: really over the two units I'm currently doing, but only 2.5 weeks left. I have made a few friends though, mostly through Engaging in the Humanities. In fact, in joining a facebook group for one of my next units, one of the others requested I leave it so she could add me, as another admin had beat her to it by microseconds. Of course I obliged, gave me a great laugh. I'm highly looking forward to the creative units and extremely excited about starting my Japanese electives next year, since they need to be spread out. Ok so what else is there... Personal update, I believe. Well, photography, as you may know, is something I'm passionate about improving. There was a big full moon recently so we decided to drive out to The Spit to get some photos. Got out there, snapped a few shots on the beach then paid the fee to go on to the pier. Only to discover the camera battery was now on low: silly me had left it on over night. *Facepalm* Super slow shutter speed, which meant I was getting blurry images. There were some awesome effects in a couple photos, but overall just bad photos. I wasn't impressed. So now to wait until the next full moon. What else... Aaah yes. As you might also know, the man and I have a 3 year old. Makes nights out few and far between, and since she's well in to the trantrummy stage that is the toddler, we cringe at the thought of the three of us going out to dinner. Yesterday afternoon, the mister decided we'd go out to dinner, and I thought that it was worth a try. Once the kid was eating she should be fine. A few tantrums and a bit of misbehaving while we were getting ready, but then we were off. Our first choice was closed, decided second choice was a bit pricey, so ended up going to Fasta Pasta. Carb overload but oh so worth it! Beautiful focaccia, yummy chips and the pasta... Wow. He had Spaghetti Bolagnaise - the wine in it was nice. A bit heavy, but not overly so, with sweet fruity hints. Very yummy. My raviola fantasia was all of my favourites: ravioli, creamy sauce, mushrooms and bacon. I was in heaven! Add to that a jug of Lemon Lime and Bitters, and it was a beautiful dinner, followed by Cold Rock Ice-Cream, a rare treat! Cake batter ice-cream with cookie dough and a ferrero rocher was decadently delicious, though I almost stole the man's Banana ice cream with cookie dough and choc fudge brownie! Even the kid was good with her strawberry ice cream, very little spillage. Wow! Well that was a little more than I intended to share, but I promised an update so there you go! Oooh, though 1 last little thing. I'm not what you'd call a girly girl. I wear a bit of make up sometimes, I wear skirts and dresses only because I have them, and I don't fuss with my hair. I don't have a shoe fetish. Though I am slowly collecting them. Eeek! Last year for Christmas, I got a gift card from my Secret Santa (that's what my family does know to cut costs which is fine!) and I bought my first pair of ridiculous heels. 6 inch, strappy, very hot! Then for my birthday this year, my man bought me a gorgeous black pair I'd been eyeing off for years. A few weeks later, I found the cream pair for cheap. I'm very glad I got them now, as I haven't seen them displayed for a little while now. Anyway, we went out again this morning to get printer ink (turns out silly printer was just being fussy, cartridge was 3/4 full!) and I walked past an end-of-line "bin" of shoes. I saw red and literally "oooooh'd". Came home with my 4th pair of high heels. *Shaking my head* But they are sophisticated, not so flashy as my other 3 pairs. As you can see in the picture at the top. Aren't they purdy? Hahaha! Anyway I should sign off, I've blabbed enough, methinks! I mean I could keep going about weight loss (had a slip up but it's gradually going down! Wouldn't expect more due to thyroid issues), moving, whatever else but really I think enough is enough. Stay tuned for regular "programming" to resume next Monday, and I'll hopefully be able to give updates a bit more regularly than I have been! Thank you to all those who read my blogs, and don't forget to check out Postcards of Passion (A Naughty Nights Press anthology) and A Bride For Christmas (self-pubbed on Smashwords)! Both are free reads so go get your copy today!