Saturday, June 23, 2012

What a week!!

Well, still studying hard, this week's load had me a bit worried. I had to do the usual discussion participation, though in the Humanities unit it was about our power point presentation topics for later this study period (SP), I'm going to be doing how culture influences identity, then the sociology one was a breeze! Of course then I had to outline my essay for humanities and write my sociology assignment. I was expecting there to be a last minute panic today, as it's all due by midnight. Much to my ENORMOUS relief, I finished the last bit on Thursday afternoon so that gave me 3 days to write and read more of Kim Faulk's Hell's Angel for review.

So that brings me to more excitement. Early last week (or maybe the week before... no, last week) I woke up with a dream clear in my head so, instead of doing uni that day I sat down and wrote a little over 5000 words on a new story, starting from this dream. I hadn't been able to touch it since, but Friday I sat down and smashed out the rest, with more added to the end plus editing done on Saturday. I have now submitted it to Naughty Nights Press as a Naughty Hot Shot, titled Return of Their Master. Guess at the genre? No? Tsk tsk. This is Phoenix we're talking about. It's gotta be parnormal! Alright, Acapello's Lady isn't, but that's beside the point. It's horses, another obsession of mine. Anyway back on topic. It's a paranormal romantic thriller:

Angie, Mary, Sarah and Alice are vampire sisters, Created by their master, Vitalis. A hundred years ago they ran away from their Father after enduring countless beatings after he goes insane from a blood-sickness, contracted after he feeds from a diseased victim.

The girls now run a store of their own and have new lives. Angie even has a love interest: Jake, who almost died in a car crash. She denies her love, as Vitalis has returned and is looking for them. She knows Jake would be in danger if Vitalis knew how close they were. When Jake refuses to leave unless she tells him straight to his face that she doesn't love him, she turns his world upside down as she finally tells him the truth...

A sudden searing burst of pain in my mind tore me away from him. I knew this couldn’t be part of the bond; something evil had wrenched me from the moment of rapture.

Hello,Evangeline. The voice rang inside my head, a voice I had come to dread. Vitalis was back and he wasn’t going to wait.

I tried to ignore him but he wouldn’t let me.

Did you really think you could escape me forever? I let you and your sisters have your freedom to play but I’m here to take back what is mine.

His voice made my mind feel greasy as though his insanity was a contagious disease. I’m never going back to you, Vitalis. None of us are. You’re insane and cruel.

I was insane for a while, but I’m cured. I promise you I’m the real me once more. Please, Evangeline. Come back to me. His tone sounded sincere but he had taught me better than that.

I’m sorry, Father. But until you can prove to us that you are cured of your infliction we will not return. We have lives here and we will fight to keep them.

A growl came across the link before it snapped shut, hurling me back in to my now limp body, lying on the floor by the couch while Jake and my sisters crouched over me. I gasped air in to my lungs, taking it in big gulps as I sat up, startling the people I loved.

Before they could ask how I was I spoke the three words I knew would frighten my sisters. “Vitalis is back.”
*Cue dramatic music*
At 9 993 words (before more edits), this has been submitted to Naughty Nights Press. Here's hoping that it will soon be one of the many fantastic Hot Shots already released by NNP!

What else is there... Oh yes, my continued reading of Hell's Angel for review. I'm working through it slower than usual only because of Uni, but it is a dark and gritty read, certainly Kim's best so far. That's not easy, though, as her Fire and Ice series is, forgive the slang, off the hook! Stay tuned for the review to come soon, might be Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, no later. Don't forget Promo Monday tomorrow, with Karenna Colcroft, and I have a midweek promo for a naughty poetry release by Sherry Tooker.

Oh, last quick *squee* moment. You may remember a couple months back The Naughty Pages participated in a birthday blog hop for Brenda and Louise. From that blog hop, by commenting on one of the blogs I got myself a swag bag, full of postcards and bookmarks from many wonderful authors! In fact, here's the photo of it all --->>>

I must apologise for the length of today's post, I'm not normally quite this chatty on here but it has been a while since my last update and quite a bit has happened since then. (Including starting the Primal Caveman lifestyle and losing a couple inches and almost 2 kg's in the first stage!) I'll try to update more often, but until then stay naughty (not too naughty!) and keep watching out for Promo Mondays, the occasional review as well as midweek promos!