Sunday, June 10, 2012

Promo Monday with Gemma Parkes' Making Waves

Another Monday has rolled around and this week I'm pleased to welcome Gemma Parks to the Naughty Pages!

Hi Phoenix, thank you for having me over on your blog today. I really like what
you have done with the place!

Well thank you Gemma! The dark colours are so... me!

How are things with you? I have been really busy the past few weeks with the release of an anthology with yellow silk dreams that includes one of my stories, ‘Scarlet’ and the release of my latest short novella ‘Making waves’ immediately after it. I have barely had time to socialise so it’s really great to take some time out and visit somewhere new.
Well then I'm glad I could have you here today.
Let me tell you about ‘Making Waves’.
Short synopsis:
This story contains explicit sex and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.
Mandy knew that it would take more than a short holiday to a quiet seaside town to turn her struggling relationship with long time partner John into one of passion and honesty. But when help and advice was offered from a voyeuristic stranger by dubious means, it opened the floodgates to her inner desires and darkest fantasies. I wanted to write something from the heart, something thought provoking and emotional. There is a lot of ‘me’ in this particular story and l am calling on personal experience in some of the scenes. No, I’m not telling you which ones! Though maybe, if we finish up this wine…!
The story is written from Mandy’s viewpoint. She is in an unfulfilling relationship
with her long time partner John. John is a selfish man, blind to Mandy’s needs,
although it would be fair to say that Mandy is not good at expressing those needs.

They find it difficult to communicate on any level and, although they have sex, it is purely a physical act that leaves Mandy filled with frustration. The need to pleasure herself rises often:
Placing one hand on the cold tiled walls Mandy reached around the front of her
body and worked her fingers inside her aching sex. It felt so good to be filled this way, by her own caring fingers that knew just how she liked to be touched. She moved them backwards and forwards inside herself in a slow, steady rhythm feeling her desire increasing as the slow throb from her clit grew in its intensity and begged to be relieved. Gathering her fluids from inside her onto her fingertips she began to stroke the hard, swollen nub up and down and round and round loving the way this felt. She thought about sex, uninhibited raw passion and began to increase the pressure from her fingers rubbing them faster against herself. She was barely able to keep her body steady and her hand tried to slide down the tiles which had become very slippery from her escaping breath. She thought about how it would feel to be loved by two men
both eager to please her and closed her eyes as she visualized their pounding cocks entering her body at different points. She tilted her head backwards and closed her eyes visualizing the intense scene. Her thumb became the imagined cock behind her as her fingers rubbed and circled her tingling, throbbing flesh. In her minds eye she could see the men who were thrilling her, she was sandwiched between them as they made her their own. She was a wanton plaything to them taking all they could give her and begging for more of their eager passion, she could almost feel them sliding inside her mouth and her pussy simultaneously taking her…

As the story unfolds we meet an unusual sex therapist, Craig. He advertises his
unconventional work by dubious means. On a shared boat trip to a small island, Craig stumbles across the couple having sex outdoors in the grounds of a grand, old house. Unimpressed by what he sees he pursues Mandy until, drained and frustrated she relents and agrees to meet up with him in the village library.
This excerpt is further into the story. Mandy is on a sofa in Craig’s office
describing to him one of her many sexual fantasies:

“I open my mouth,” she started again her voice small but husky. “So that he can put himself inside me, he is hard and thick leaking juices from his swollen glans as he slides along my tongue and fills me. I’m throbbing as l think of him and my fingers begin working faster. I imagine being turned over and having my hips held firmly as the second man enters my waiting pussy.”
Mandy lay back on the couch and opened her legs slightly. She dropped one hand down to press firmly against her now throbbing clit. Her eyes were tight shut; she could only see the navel in her minds eye of the man who was taking her mouth. “I have both men inside me,” she stutters, “I can feel their hardness, feel my body respond. I am wet and swollen, jutting up my ass to meet the long, slow thrusts from the lover behind me. My hair is held firmly by the man in front as he slides himself more urgently along my tongue. I can see him, taste him. He is sweating and grunting as he pushes back and forth inside me.”
Mandy rubs her hand sub consciously across her swollen sex, buried underneath
the small cotton shorts. Her breathing is laboured and her voice falters.
“My hips are grabbed harder as the pounding behind increases, he…it’s…so fast
now, so hard. I am being pushed onto the man in front and l am gagging as he also increases his speed. I am sandwiched between them being used for their pleasure, but my own is threatening to erupt. I can feel my orgasm…it’s…they’re going to fill me soon and l will… oh God.”

The story has an unexpected twist at the end. I don’t want to spoil the ending here for anyone wishing to read it, but basically all is not as it seems!
Making Waves is available only on Amazon Kindle Select at the present time.
Thank you so much for having me over Phoenix, l have had a lovely time!
Gemma Parkes

You're most welcome, Gemma, so glad to host you! That was one super hot tease of an excerpt! I look forward to seeing more from you.


  1. Thanks again Casey, l really do like what you've done with this blog!

  2. Thanks honey, can't beat the dark colours. I was hoping that it wouldn't be too hard to navigate!