Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Publisher Appreciation Week

Sounds fairly self-explanatory, doesn’t it? A group of authors, including myself, are getting together and blogging about our publishers and why we love them. You’re here reading this post so I’m assuming you want to know about my experiences and why I love my publisher so much.

To be fair, it isn’t just one that I’m submitting to, but since I have only submitted to one at present, there is only one that I can be appreciative of. For now. So my appreciation is for Naughty Nights Press, who, a lot of you know accepted my first novella, The Wolf in the Neighborhood (Book one of Wolf Smitten), and NNP is in the process of looking over Once Bitten Twice Shy (Book two).

As with many fellow NNP authors, it was Penny who I knew first, and she was one of the people who encouraged me to get back in to writing. At that stage, I had almost given up on writing but had been told by a wonderful lady to get in to it again. So I started with journal entries, posted on my Facebook in “Notes”. Penny was very encouraging, and so with the support of her and a few other friends, I started writing a novel. That first novel is still a WIP in need of a serious overhaul, but since then I have vastly improved my style with the guidance of Penny, Gina and other NNP authors.

The amount of work I see Penny, Gina, Shane and the editors do is astounding, not to mention the work we don’t see! Every time I talk to any of the staff at NNP I’m always treated with respect and all suggestions are made gently, something a newbie such as myself values highly. Many publishers treat newbies with disdain, but not Naughty Nights Press. They are willing to give my, a first time published, a chance, and I will always appreciate that and be grateful.

I have had a chance to review a handful of books from NNP as well, and I must say that all the covers are beautiful and really whet my appetite for the story within. I’m fairly quick to pick up errors in the work of others’, and I find that the editing is on par with books from big time publishers like Penguin, Pan and Voyager. These were enticements that had me eager to submit my own work to NNP, aside from knowing the professional quality of Gina and Penny's work. Seeing a multi-published author such as Cassandre Dayne as one of their authors was another selling point.

Over the past few months, almost a year now, I have gotten to know many an author with Naughty Nights Press, and we’ve all become good friends. The support from the staff and fellow authors is just wonderful, and I consider myself so lucky to be part of it all. The professionalism, support and friendliness is something I will always cherish. United we stand, and together we can reach the stars!!


  1. Awesome post. I agree with the sentiments you have for NNP, Gina, Penny and all their great staff. Plus the authors are like a wonderful supportive family. You included. (hug)

  2. Absolutely, honey!! Couldn't agree more. *large hugs*