Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review of Campus Sexploits Deux

I know, I'm a day late but sudden plans made by my partner and best friend had me spending the day at my friend's place. So here we go, my review of Naughty Nights Press's second college anthology!

Campus Sexploits Deux
This is my second anthology review, and although I do love them I just don’t get many in my inbox. They are a great way to get a taste of the writing of several authors in one book (though some authors do anthologies of their own stories). I particularly love this opportunity to sample writing from Naughty Nights Press.
Twenty Toes by Nicole Wolfe
Campus Sexploits Deux kicks off with a hot, toe-sucking delight as two female roommates explore the delights provided by each other’s bodies. This short could definitely become the start of a longer raunchy foot-fest of college girls with toe-curling, sexy fun! Nicole, thank you for bringing back memories of wilder, younger days with the vivid imagery in your writing.

Binding Dean by Rowan Elizabeth
A story of a young woman ‘coming of age’ and finally getting the hot guy from one of her classes. We’ve all had one of those guys in a class or two and dreamed about what it would be like to hook up with the hottie. Lucky Sage gives a taste of how juicy and wonderful it can be. Binding Dean is one of the hottest short stories I have read lately, and that is no small feat. Well done, Rowan, fantastic job!

Late Night Rendezvous by A.L. Jones
A dark night, a spooky campus ground and the dark haired hottie from work… A wicked ride as young co-workers give in to lust and desire on a cold night, this is a hot, fast piece that left me wanting more. Eric is a scrumptious barister, and I’d let him butter my scones any day of the week. A.L. Jones, you have a new fan!

Carnal Knowledge by Maggie Morton
I have read a similar (yet vastly different) short story before and I must say that this kind of idea fascinates me: a hands on, practical sex education class. Voyeurism and learning combined is bound to be hot, and sure enough Maggie did not disappoint. I also think that a story that can give ideas, hints and tips as well as entertainment is doubly delicious!
In all, these four stories would convince anyone of any age to consider the pleasures to be found as a college student, in and out of classes. Fantastic group of authors, fantastic group of short stories. Well done to all of them and Naughty Nights Press, you’ve done it again!