Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pre-Review Promo: Naughty Hot Shots: Orally Fixated by Cassandre Dayne

That's right, the fantastic vixen Cassandre Dayne makes another appearance with The Phoenix this week, this time with her Naughty Hot Shot: Orally Fixated! Watch out for my review coming tomorrow!

Naughty Nights Press is very excited to bring to you, another Naughty Hot Shots by Cassandre Dayne. This one is called Orally Fixated and will only be available at this time through Amazon.
From the 16th March through to the 18th March, Naughty Hot Shots – Orally Fixated will be FREE through Amazon KDP
Naughty Hot Shots – Orally Fixated by Cassandre Dayne
Michael Jordan adored his friends – enough to drag them into a contest he needed to win in order to save his career  – and perhaps kick up his love life. While working at the hottest gay magazine in town had its perks, his boss thought of him as far too conservative to write the kinky sex pieces he’d been hired to do. It was too bad his boss had no idea just how dark his cravings really were.
Michael was determined to come up with an entirely new angle and give his sexy gal pal, Autumn, a birthday she’d never forget. After all, she had the hots for a woman and fantasized every night about tasting the vivacious vixen. What better way than have Autumn be the center of attention for a series of articles?
His idea? Host a hot party to study and depict all forms of oral sex and other sinful acts in vivid color. And just when he thought he had everything set in motion – a series of events brings out his inner wild child.
Would his boss see the real man inside and the one who had set his sights on seduction?
“What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done before? Tell the truth or I’ll turn you over my knee right here and spank your pretty ass.” Michael Jordan couldn’t help but give Autumn an evil glare. She’d been teasing him mercilessly for the last few years and he had a rather salacious plan up his sleeve – if he could convince her to go along. After all, Autumn Butler was a hard-ass vixen and every man wanted to get into her panties. Too bad he knew she preferred women.
“Kinkiest? Why do you want to know?” Slanting her eyes, she licked around her lips and moaned. “And you wouldn’t spank me because you know what you’d get.”
“Dear God! You’re such a tease and I think a solid spanking is needed.”
Michael glanced at James Richards – his sometimes lover and one hot man – and nodded his agreement. “I love the idea. I say we start now.” Wrapping his hand around her wrist, he jerked her up and over his knees in a split second.
Squealing, Autumn kicked out and struggled hard to get out of his arms. “You wouldn’t dare! We’ll be kicked out!”
“Oh yes I would.” Michael’s sing-songy voice echoed into the crowded restaurant. Of course, all of this had been carefully planned, including letting the purveyor of the fine establishment in on his sultry plan – only she wasn’t aware of her rather precarious position.
Crack! Whoosh! Pop!
“So hot!” James egged Michael on as his foot tapped on the floor.
“That’s it. Spank her hard!”
“Nice ass. Whew, baby!”
Hearing several men clap and whistle, Michael grinned as he swatted her again. “Bad girl. Very naughty and in need of discipline.”
Slap! Crack!
In the next several moments he could tell she was getting as turned on as he was. Michael swallowed hard as his cock beat against his tight jeans. He had to stop or he might have to do something truly wicked. “Now, see that you can behave.”
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