Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas my True Love Gave to me...

Pablo Michaels 

Eleven Greek Pipers Piping
(contains menage and m/m)

Mighty Zeus, the bearded father of all gods and mortals, shook in his shield, the aegis, with his pectoral and bicep muscles, bulging beneath, holding his scepter. He cast down a thunderbolt from lofty Mount Olympus, summoning eleven Greek gods and heroes. As Apollo, Hermes, Pan, Dionysus, Adonis, Zephyrus, Hyacinthus, Patrocius, Achilles, Eros and Gandemede assembled, he spoke his thunderous voice. “You are gathered here to assist in the Christian celebration of the Twelve Days of Christmas. I have consulted with Hera. She agrees that your seduction of mortals will be led by unfortunate Pan to play the syrinx in this quest to seduce young men and nymphs, to bring them joy in these festivities on the eleventh day. With your god-like bodies you will play the flutes in harmony. As son of Hermes and Aphrodite, you will help Pan finally lure the nymph, Syrinx, into his arms. We all know his woes when he tried to seduce her and sent her screaming in flight because of his frightening looks.”

Hermes requested to speak. “Great god of all us, I want to lead the songs, since I am his father and invented these magic reeds that play soothing music.”

Apollo interrupted, “But it should be me, as I coveted more lovers, playing and bringing this instrument popularity with mortals.” 

“Enough,” Zeus bellowed. “You both settled this dispute of who invented the syrnix long ago. Apollo, you are the protector of young men, so obey as I say. Pan will lead you both by his side. Pan scares away young nymphs and men, when they see his appearance. You and Hermes attract mortals with your manly physiques and charm. Dionysus will be right beside you with his beauty and spirit as Bacchus in the celebration of wine and orgies. I expect you to synchronize with the others I’ve chosen for these Christmas festivities.”

Adonis asked, “How can I assist?”

“You are loved by Aphrodite. She will extend her powers to entice young men and muses to your pretty, youthful body.”

“As I am the son of Aphrodite, Hermes and you, I will create the music with harmony and creativity,” Eros suggested. “I will shoot love potion with my darts into anyone who comes to the den.”

“What is our part, Patrocius and me?” Achilles asked. “I was loyal to my partner.”

“You can instill affection and loyalty of love to those men in trouble, by setting the example, as you did with your dedication as partners. Gandemede, I have not forgotten you with those pectoral muscles and big thighs. The other gods brought you to me as the most beautiful man in all the land as a gift. Although I did you wrong; I granted you immortality to pour my wine. I want to extend your homoerotic love to young lads. And Zephyrus, god of the West Wind, what can I say about you? You held and cuddled the youth, Hyakinthos, holding a lyre, because you desired his beauty and his music. I hope you will assist Gandemede to express your love as you pipe.”

“What about me?” Hyacinthus inquired.

“You will play the sweetest music of all, led by those who loved and wept for you, Apollo and Zephyrus. Their jealousy will not harm you or anyone.”

“Now off with you. Prepare your song for the Eleventh Day.”

The eleven chosen made the preparations to entice muses and men, through piping in Pan’s lair in the woods below Mount Olympus for the Eleventh Day. Eros observed the forest. The sycamore and oak trees without leaves did not seclude the den enough to invite the potential guests. With his creative mind he decorated a large Mediterranean Cypress tree with olive garlands with their purple fruit. He placed arrows, anointed with olive oil to light the lair like torches, when the night began. Apollo built a fire pit for the eleven to welcome the throng of guests, as they stood almost naked and played their music.

When the day arrived, the forest, dim, cold and shrouded with a hazy mist, did not appear to be inviting especially with winter’s chill in the air. They all tuned their flutes made of unequal, length reeds to play like a symphony. Dressed in scant clothing to attract the nymphs and young warriors to their music, their music soothed the entire land, building heat and warmth from the bleak, cold day. Apollo, barely clothed, lit the fire within the den and on the Christmas tree.

Soon the young nymph, Syrinx, came running for shelter in the lair, with the nearly naked men surrounding Pan. She wept at the song they played and ran her hands without fear over their masculine bodies and huge appendages, warming her desires. She brushed her hand over Adonis’s beautiful face, then grabbed Hermes manly beard with a tug. The rest teased her, as she ran her hands over Apollo’s perfect body and kissed Hyacinthus’ innocent lips. Zephyrus blew a rush of warm West Wind on her breasts in between his lips breathing through the syrinx. Dionysus transformed himself into Bacchus and poured sweet, red wine through her waiting mouth. Then Eros shot a golden arrow into her heart, making her blind for an attentive lover. Gandemede, as the most beautiful mortal, rubbed his erect dick against her moist, vaginal lips. The eleven wreathed their sexually enticing bodies around her and Pan, with Achilles and Patrocius wedged by her sides, setting her beside Pan, as she closed her eyes.

Pan, surprised that she did not scream and run, set his body down on her, after lifting her dress above her head. The music and passion grew as Pan delivered his beastly, loving cock into her virgin clitoris. When he ejaculated, his breath caused the sound on the reeds to become more melodic, sending her into orgasm.

Her wails combined with the eleven pipers piping attracted three men, Periandro, he who worries about men, Menandro, he who remains a man, and Alcandor, he who is manly and strong. The young men pursued each other as a triad of crossed lovers and hoping to dissolve their conflict. Bacchus poured them wine from his flask, tantalizing them with his muscular body, half man and half goat. Each man stroked his hairy chest, until grasping his erect cock. Then, they groped Achilles and Patrocius, feeling more resolution to heal their desires. Eros, blindly, shot arrows into the three. Soon they were sprawled beneath the eleven in a ménage, creating more heat.

Anteros, a man like a god of mutual love, and Calimero, beautiful body, seduced by the song, wandered into the den, forgetting their woes of hardship, were welcomed by Gandemede and Zephyrus. Their troubles became meager under the sweet sounds of the two Greek warriors. The two men grabbed the asses and fondled the prominent dicks of the two gods. Wrapped around each other Calimero inserted his cock into Anteros’ ass. Their movements in sexual intercourse resounded with the warmth of the gods and heroes surrounding them musically and physically. The roar of their orgasms echoed far away, with the eleven pipers piping the joy of Christmas.

Adara, the beauty, and Amara, eternally beautiful, entered the wooded grotto, captivated by the music from the reeds. They heard Syrinx’s pleasure and had to investigate her plea for more intoxicating love. They witnessed her at the Pan’s feet begging for more. Although they were enthralled by the male Greek beauties of men, they desired more from each other as women. The music brought them closer to realize their lust. Disrobing beneath the eleven Greek men, they scoured each other’s bodies with kisses and caresses. Their mouths kissed the moist lips of their pussies. Each thrust of their tongues delved deeper, bringing them the pleasure of mutual orgasms.

Sybil, the woman of prophecy, and Abauro, the tint of sunrise, arrived and were struck by arrows from Eros and drank the wine from Bacchus. 

Strom, the man of the mattress, Calistenes, the beautiful and strong, Odell, of song, Damon, the constant and loyal, and Kyros, the master, all arrived. They were greeted initially by Dionysus with his beautiful body, who rapidly transformed into Bacchus, the pourer of wine and initiator of orgies. As they drank the sweet nectar, Eros sent his blind love of quivers into all, as they continued in the festivities.

Surrounded by naked Greek gods and heroes, the practice of making love continued as the music drew more listeners. The pipers remained piping on their flutes of reeds and indulging gropes on their guests. The heat of the lair grew more intense each moment, as each person disrobed and formed a circle around Pan and Syrinx, performing sex acts of love with the eleven Greek gods, heroes and themselves in a ritual of orgiastic love and peace.

High above on Mount Olympus, Zeus the father of all watched in vicarious pleasure. Overwhelmed with his desires, he thrust a bolt of lightning down to the lair. “Listen,” he commanded. “This day and night has brought much needed relief and joy. The eleven pipers piping will continue to charm and attract the people of the countryside on the Twelfth Day of Christmas, when you are summoned to play your part. I refrained from joining you. I know my presence would overwhelm what you have started. Pipe on, make love and be with the one you desire, for these are the days to celebrate your existence and find peace with the music that moves your souls.”

Through the Eleventh and Twelfth Days of Christmas eleven Greek pipers piped at the beckoned call. Pan’s lair thrived with couple, ménages and groups. Young men thrust their cocks into thirsty mouths, constricted anal cavities, and warm vagina lips. A bright light illuminated the heavens from above on Mount Olympus.

Pablo Michaels, 2011

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  1. Pablo, what a wonderful re-take of the myths of the Greek gods that held me spellbound throughout my teenage years. That was solid, sexy writing. (bow)

  2. Pablo, I've already told you just how much I love this piece. There were some absolutely brilliant naughty shorties, but this would have to be one of my favourites!!

  3. Loved all the mythology! Great story, very intense and very sexy, Pablo! Hope you have a wonderful holiday :)

  4. Bravo absolute delight to read and yes warm the cockels of the heart and other areas.

    Loved it honey, well done and welcome back.

    *bites n kisses*

  5. I totally loved this - beautiful take on the classic mythology,very well told and it evokes a true holiday sense of joy! Fine work, my friend!

    -- Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

  6. I'm pleased to announce to winners Lee Ann and Eden. Congratulations, ladies! Please contact Pablo with your postal addresses and your prizes will be posted shortly.