Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Interview and Giveaway with Abby Hayes, author of Finding Paradise

Today I welcome author Abby Hayes, who's here to talk about her soon-to-be-released novel, Finding Paradise. Naughty Nights Press gives us a hot little tale sprinkled with BDSM, gay and lesbian encounters as well as some trusty menage. Sounds delicious to me! 

So, Abby, can you tell us a little about Finding Paradise?
Sure! Here's the blurb:
Days before her high school reunion, Kelly reconnects on Facebook with childhood friend, Nevaeh—a woman who, rumor has it, has lived a life straight out of some erotic novel. And, Kelly has a lot of erotica on her ereader! Ménages, slave fantasies, strangers and BDSM are all included in the stories Nevaeh has to share.

This sexy, world traveler incites Kelly to forge a friendship unlike any she’s ever had before. She never knew a shopping trip could be so educational, especially in an adult store. With her head spinning and her panties damp, Kelly embarks on a crusade to reignite the passion her and her husband, Nate, once had with a few new toys and other surprises. When he surprises her by being a more than willing participant, she decides to test a few boundaries, push a few limits...

Kelly becomes determined to find out if her old neighbor is right, if paradise can be found within your own four walls with the man you married. But, what happens when Kelly’s husband finds out about all of her time spent with Nevaeh? What will happen when Nevaeh’s husband, Hayden, comes into town for the reunion? Will her marriage be in trouble, or will things go further than Kelly ever dreamed they could go?
It sure sounds like a delectable read. What inspired this little hotty?
Actually, I work in an office on a college campus in my real life, and have listened to the ladies here complain about married life with kids, the lack of a sex life, etc. My mind just got going from there wondering how their lives could change, add to that a story I heard about a facebook hook up, and the story started brewing. Then I heard one of the ladies mention one day this song that her mother used to listen to. It seemed like it had affected many in its time. So I listened to the song, from the 70's, and the idea of the song started to form Nevaeh's back story... I know that is a lot of inspiration, but it all rolled together in my brain and the plotline was born.

Was it as much fun to write as I think it was? Oh yeah! The story took on a life of its own, and once Nevaeh and Kelly met face to face things just kept getting hotter, beyond what I even intended at first. Whew! Let me tell you by the final scene I was squirming in my own chair *winks*
Do you have a favourite scene or character in Finding Paradise?
Actually, I have two, and both were totally unexpected an unplanned. One is a F/F scene in a dressing room. That one I actually took out and put back in a few times *giggles* Then, I ended up with some M/M play too, and was really happy with that turn of events! 

Is there an author who inspires you, or who you look up to?
You know, I read when I can, but I guess no one author comes to mind specifically. I think I write more for me, to get the scenerios I imagine out. But I can say that I have met some wonderful authors who I just couldn't keep doing this without.
What can you tell us about yourself? Is writing your biggest passion?
Well I live a completely split life, my real life and my writing life never meeting. I like it that way. What I want to do in real life is a passion just as much as my writing is. 

What can we expect from you in the future?
I am thrilled to say that I've signed a contract with Naughty Nights Press to have a story (anthology shorts, novelletted and novellas) to be released almost every month in 2012! I couldn't be more thrilled! What a year it's going to be :)
It's been great having you on The Naughty Pages of The Phoenix today, Abby, all the best for Finding Paradise.

Thanks so much! It's been great chatting with you!

Finding Paradise is available at and but one lucky ready has the chance to win a free copy! Leave your name and email address and either Abby or myself will notify the lucky winner!


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  2. Thanks for such a great interview! Pics are wonderful :)

  3. So thrilled that you like the pictures, Abby. And I'm glad that the interview is well received!

  4. Pleased to announce that Tessa has won the free copy of Finding Paradise!!