Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review of Red Fire - Surrender by Cassandre Dayne

Ever since I first read Spankdown by Ms Dayne, I have been wanting, or should I say needing, to read more by this Mistress of Taboo. This is a lady who knows her way around words, twisting them in to a fantastic tale, drawing any reader in from the first word. Red Fire Surrender is another shining example of this.
Books with male/male scenes are new to me for reading, let alone reviewing, but Ms Dayne is one of the few whom I trust to make it as wildly tantalizing as anything else that I have read to date. I was expecting sizzling, and she gave me boiling!
All of the characters are strong, and clearly depicted. The different hungers were palpable, and I felt each as if they were my own. Each scene was filled with delicious torment, and the more I read, the more I was drawn in, like each of the models were drawn to the vampire, Aleksandr. This is a luscious combination of horror and the erotic; not an easy feat but Ms Dayne seems to unite them effortlessly.
No one builds heat quite like Cassandre, and when there are sparks, an explosion is never far behind. This was a story filled with plenty of both.
Spankdown was a hot read. Red Fire - Surrender is like a volcano at the peak of an eruption. I can only delight at the thoughts of what is to come in Blue Fire - Domination and Yellow Fire - Acceptance.

Red Fire - Surrender is available now, stay tuned for my review of Blue Fire - Domination and Yellow Fire - Acceptance, both to come in the New Year!