Monday, September 26, 2011

Mills & Boon New Voices Contest

Every year, Romance publishing company Mills & Book holds the New Voices contest, for new writers to get the chance to get their writing known, win prizes, all that fun stuff. I was pointed to it yesterday by a good writing friend of mine who entered it last year, and within a few minutes I decided to give it a go and enter The Wolf in the Neighborhood. After getting it edited by another dear friend of mine, I hit "send" and waited nervously overnight to find out if my entry was approved. This morning, after a crappy couple of hours, I gathered the nerves to open the email and PHOENIX JOHNSON'S ENTRY HAS BEEN APPROVED!!
I am so incredibly excited! Please, if you're interested, go to the following link and support my entry by leaving a comment and a rating, help me get in to the top 20! 
The Wolf in the Neighborhood entry
Thank you to everyone who shows their support!