Friday, June 14, 2013

Phoenix appreciates on Author Chat Friday

I know I do still have some more questions to post, but with some of the events I've seen in the past couple weeks or so, I've decided that can wait until next month. Instead, this time, I want this post to be full of "warm and fuzzies." 
I won't go in to too much detail of the not-to-cheery things that have led to this... sentimental post. But I will talk about the more positive details. 
Last weekend, a fellow writer in one of the awesome Facebook groups I'm a member of, wanted to hear some "warm and fuzzies," so she asked what it was that drove the rest of us to keep writing, regardless of negative reviews, bad publishers, troll reviews etc. 
So, with permission of those who posted their reasons for continuing on through the muck, here are some of the reasons we do what we do, starting with yours truly:

Phoenix Johnson: For me, it's the friends I've made along the way, keeping my anxiety and depression mostly at bay, and for those good reviews and fan emails that make the pain and frustration worth it, plus the excitement of acceptances, edits and covers. Love it. But then there're two other extremely important reasons: Gina, and Penny. Because I want them to see all their time and effort, all they do is not a waste because without our Mistress G, and of course without Penny, I wouldn't be Phoenix. They both brought her out, showed her she was worth it, showed me I was worth it. So I keep going to show both these ladies how much their faith in me means, and that their efforts are extremely appreciated.

Jess Buffett: I love sharing my dreams with others. I love hearing how much they love the characters I imagined. It's like someone telling you how adorable your child is. And... the friends you make are amazing!

Shawn Monrowe: I write cause I'm too old to start a career as a porn star. (Have to include a giggle, too!)

Khloe Wren: I love all my friends I've made since beginning my writing journey. I'm so new to it all, for me it's still the thrill of seeing your story out there, hearing people say they enjoyed it. I'm simple to please! (I'm sure once I get a taste of the nasty side of trolls/bad reviews I may change my tune a little!) xo

Shay MacLean: I write because I feel I have so much to share with the world. Hopefully my ideas will touch readers in a way that it changes their view of something. I've also found that I get a rush from finishing a story. For me it's a natural high that I can't imagine finding any other way. I actually get withdraw if I don't write for a long time. No matter how little. And of course I've made some amazing friends since I started writing.

Imogene Nix: Ahem... okay I'm different. Hands up! I know it. Believe it or not, it keeps my nightmares at bay (I dream a lot and graphic stuff) so that's what started me. Then I realised I could sleep through the night without being afraid to sleep. Plus somewhere along the way, I discovered publishers actually liked my work (well, most of them, anyway!)
Then I made friends and discovered I can write at least a decent story...
What's not to love about it?

J. S. Morbius: I continue to write because I like writing, the message of equality for all is still not getting through to some people, because it's fun and I get to meet loads of great people like everyone in this group and NNP who like the same things as I do. Without Gina, Penny and all of NNP there would be no J S Morbius just some guy writing for a free site, not learning how to improve with each new piece and with no real goal in life.

Gemma ParkesI just can't stop writing, it's instinctive for me to write, so many ideas and so little time! I would still write even if l didn't publish anything.

I think everyone has summed it up quite succinctly. Without writing, we'd probably be lost. Thanks to all the authors who allowed me to borrow their reasons, and of course all the best with future writing!