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Mid week Promo with May McQueen

Today, I'd love to welcome May McQueen to The Naughty Pages with her Naughty Hot Shot, Voyeur Hall. She's a fellow Naughty Nights Press author, wicked in all the right ways and loads of talented fun. 

"Voyeur Hall"
Blurb: Jo is a pretty, laid-back undergrad. While immersing herself in her studies at one of the dirtiest haunts on campus one night, she meets Jared. She's immediately drawn to his carefree personality and suave character, and the two hit it off. Just as the conversation seems to be going somewhere, Jared suddenly leaves Jo, claiming he has a job to get to. Jo's interest is piqued by his suddenly secretive behavior, and she decides to follow him. When she sees him enter Vickers Hall, one of the most rundown buildings on campus, infamous for its utter lack of appeal, she is baffled. But then more and more people follow Jared's example; curious as to why so many people are flocking to Vickers Hall, she decides to investigate. What she finds there is the last thing she ever expected to see—a secretive peep show run by the residents of the dorm. But Jo is far from perturbed. If anything, she is more intrigued. Especially when she finds out just what line of work Jared is in…

Another girl suddenly sidled up to the door and stood hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder, with Jo. Jo pulled away as if she had been scalded and stared at the stranger. Olive skin, wayward black hair, hazel eyes. Something akin to sheepishness was on her face; her cheeks were just as flushed as Jo's must have been, and there was a certain glint in her eye. “Is it okay if I share?” she asked.
Jo said the word before she even thought of it. “Sure.”
She offered a bit more room for the newcomer, and immediately the stranger put her face up to Jo's, gently brushing cheeks. Jo's eyes flickered as a rush shot down to her belly from her cheek.
Even though they were up close and personal with one another, Jo quickly forgot to be uncomfortable as Jared picked up his pace. She could feel the other girl's breath on her face—quick, light pants. Jo bit her lip and looked sideways at her, just studying her face and letting her imagination roam. What was the protocol in a place like this? Subtly she pressed her hip closer against the girl's, then her thigh; the stranger did the same.
Jared settled his eyes on the door again, and Jo stared back intently, imagining herself on her hands and knees in front of him. His partner's head dipped down and he gently pulled it back up by her hair—she made a sound bordering on pleasure and pain, and thrust against him. His hand trailed over her stomach and settled over a breast; he then pulled her upright against him, slowing his pace to meet her in a kiss. Their tongues swirled against each other, just barely visible whenever she sighed. She stuck her chest out and he played with her nipples, pinching and tugging gently.
Jo felt fingers brush up against her ass, and excitement rather than panic filled her when the stranger's hand gently cupped a cheek. Jo gasped quietly and clenched under the girl's hand, gently pressing against it. First she looked at the girl from the corner of her eye, then slowly turned her face towards her, their cheeks still touching. The girl turned, too, and for a brief moment they looked at each other's lips before touching. Jo prodded the girl's tongue with her own and deepened the kiss, snaking a hand behind her neck to draw her closer. The girl moaned into her mouth and squeezed her cheek before grabbing the other to pull her hips in. Their belt buckles touched, and Jo slowly closed the distance and rubbed her mound over the girl's.
They were eagerly rubbing against each other and losing themselves in the kiss when a noise from within the room drew their attention. They pulled away reluctantly from the kiss, but continued to press into each other as they peered into the dorm. The couple had switched positions—Jared lay across the bed and the blonde straddled him, leaning back against his knees and rocking against him slowly. She was thin yet curvy, and her pussy was completely bare; her clit was so swollen that Jo could see it clear as day from where she stood. As Jared reached out to rub it gently, Jo pressed herself harder against the girl, wishing it was him against her.
“New here?” the stranger asked, nipping at Jo's neck.
“Yeah,” she replied.
“Hope you don't mind…the intrusion.”
Jo had heard of the bi-curious experimentation among college girls and laughed. Now that she had unexpectedly stumbled into the situation herself, she was far from critical. She continued to watch the blonde bombshell ride Jared sensually while the stranger licked and nipped her skin. This was quickly escalating to the most erotic experience she had had to date, and she was wondering what had kept her from doing it sooner.
When the stranger slid her hand under the waistband of Jo's jeans, her knees wobbled dangerously and she struck the door by accident while trying to catch herself. The couple in the room faltered but quickly found their pace again. Jo gripped the door handle tightly to hold herself up as the woman gently rubbed her mound. She moaned gratuitously, glancing over the stranger's shoulder to the rest of the hall. No one was paying attention to them; most people were engaged in the same activity. Jo and the stranger glanced out of the corner of their eye into the room while the former rode against the other's hand. It took a while to gather her own courage, but when she did, she clumsily tried to slide her own hand down the girl's pants. In response, the stranger buried her face in Jo's hair and gasped, arching against her touch. Liquid silk slipped between her fingers.
Jared and his girl stopped having sex and began to fuck. The girl was moaning so thinly that it sounded like the desperation for release was agony. Jared's brow was knitted and a vein was protruding on his temple. He was watching himself slide in and out of his partner fixedly, grasping her hips tighter the faster she went and the louder she became. Jo and the stranger both rubbed each other more quickly as the sexual confrontation in the dorm became more intense, and both were panting heavily against each other's mouths, taking frequent breaks to watch the show escalate. Then the girl let out a strangled cry and shuddered over Jared; he thrust up hard and held himself there, groaning and squeezing her hips. The stranger gasped and doubled her rhythm on Jo out of excitement, rubbing her desperately, so fast it felt raw, primal, immoral, and so good. Jo's grip tightened on the door handle as she started to climb the peak—
She gushed on orgasm—sparks went off behind her eyes—her legs momentarily lost feeling and she leaned heavily on the door handle—
She swung forward into the dorm, pulling the girl with her by the waist of her jeans. The couple on the bed snapped their heads in her direction. It took her a full two seconds to register the entire situation and the weight behind it.
“Sorry,” Jo mumbled hastily as she swept the door shut again. The stranger started to laugh as she tugged her hand out of Jo's pants. Jo was the furthest from laughing she had ever been.

May McQueen is from Edmonton, Alberta: Land of the ice and snow with a 10 p.m. sun and no hot springs to flow. It sounds less than ideal, but there she finds limitless amounts of inspiration for stories even juicier than the last. Her next release in line is "Caged," which is a turbulent ride that follows a woman down to her deepest desires. This story will be due for your release in Fall 2013 via Naughty Nights Press.
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This has got to be one of the hottest excerpts we've had here on The Naughty Pages.. phew! I might just need to grab a fan, or have a cold shower. Thanks for that treat, May!