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Promo Monday: Cassandre Dayne's DAZZLE

As many of you know, I have reviewed a couple books by this lovely lady, and I thoroughly enjoy helping promote her writing. It is no surprise to me that she has come out with something that describes her own writing: Dazzling! 
So, without further ado, here is the latest from the Mistress of Steaminess, Cassandre Dayne and Dazzle!


I love to write about people who have to deal with angst every day. I also love to put characters together who have secrets. Dazzle is not exception. When you work in a stressful environment, many people get very close and Dazzle is one of the top advertising and marketing firms around. The owner also has a very dark and ugly secret. See what you think.

Shane Whitlow owns one of the best advertising firms in town. Dazzle, Inc. is savvy, on fire and includes the wealthiest customers in the business. His competition fears his ruthless tactics and some say the man will go to go to hell. Jade Chen and Lisa Lin are his best employees and at odds with each other for the position of Vice President. Both would do almost anything Shane asked, even if it means slipping into his bed. Enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, Shane indulges in both women on a regular basis even bringing them together for wild weekends of unbridled sex – the only relationship he can handle. Haunted by a tortured past, he’s incapable of love.

Unfortunately for one girl, her boss’ brutal business tactics become too much when she’s required to help destroy Dazzle’s only competition. Sickened, she begins a scheme of her own, uncovering a sordid past. As her own dark needs drives her into the arms and bed of another man, the completion makes an offer she can’t refuse. As the plan envelopes, embroiling the unlikely ménage in a twist of fate, Shane, Jade and Lisa are forced to make choices none of them can understand. Unfortunately the past tragedies resurface, threatening their very souls. Faced with his brutal demons, Shane realizes the error of his ways but it is too late to change or will he lose the one woman he’s learned to love?

EXCERPT - unedited

“You will learn from me as you would any Master and yet I will forever me the man who owns you. I will train you as you need to be trained and in turn you will become my slave.”
            Shane snarled as he glared at the man, the monster who’d tortured him for months. Rage boiled within him to the point he no longer cared what happened. Grinning, he spit hot bile across the man’s face as was delighted to see a shocked expression.
            Simply wiping his cheek, the Master lifted his head. Snatching Shane’s cock and balls, he twisted them until Shane screamed in agony.
            “Aaaahhh!” Blinding anguish coursed through his body.
            The Master closed the distance until his face was merely two inches away from Shane’s. “I will forgive your impetuous infractions this one time as you have suffered a loss. Your friend was a traitor and received what he deserved. No matter. Today you will become mine.” Nodding to the two guards waiting in the shadows, he instructed in his native tongue as he folded his arms.
            Terrified, Shane refused to allow the man to see just how much. As he was jerked to the steel table and forced onto his back, he struggled but knew it was no use. The feel of the cold metal against his sweat-laden skin gave him a series of shivers. He clenched his fists as both wrists were manacled and thumped his head against the table.
            The Master said nothing as Shane was chained to the method of torture. He glided toward a small cabinet and opened both doors slowly. Selecting an instrument, he turned slowly and held the ancient piece out in front of him. Nodding in reverence, he mumbled in Chinese before moving toward Shane.
            Out of the corner of his eye Shane could see the weapon and couldn’t help the small gasp of anguish that flowed from his mouth. As the two guards lifted and secured his legs he was left completely immobilized. A rush of panic washed through his system and as he watched the man, his Master heating the sharpened point he sucked in his breath.
            “You fought bravely and well and yet you’re the weaker again. We’ll make you strong, boy. Eventually.” The Master continued his practiced chat in a low timbre as he slowly walked toward the open fire. Placing the entire length of the blade into the flames, he lowered his head.
            It wasn’t so much the thought of the horrors that would be inflicted on him but the crackling sound he always remembered in his nightmares. As he watched his Master near, he arched his back, straining to meet and accept his punishment.
            The Master stood in front of his, holding the blade as he nodded, every movement clearly defined by the ancient teachings. Saying a few additional words, he lifted the blade.
            As the heated steel sliced through his skin, Shane was brought to the perfect dichotomy of anguish and ecstasy and knew this was his place in the world.

Shane Whitlow took a deep breath and as he exhaled slowly he lifted his right leg, twirling the nunchaku over his head. The feel of the cool loquat wood in his hands was more than just invigorating. His cock ached as he practiced his daily routine, craving more than just sex. This was nothing new. He hungered for something almost brutal every day yet the discipline kept him in check. In truth the daily routine kept him sane. The sound of the kusari connecting against the tips of the chucks gave him a smile. Naked, he moved toward forward and backward in a stealth like fashion as his master had taught him over a decade before. A brutal taskmaster, the man was an artist when it came to killing and training. Shane’s practiced dance remained silent except for the whooshing sound the weapon made in the air.
            Stealing a glance at his reflection in the mirror, he emitted a single hiss. Strategically placed over the stone fireplace, the massive piece allowed him to scrutinize every movement, perfecting and honing his skills. He nodded toward his reflection and emitted a single smile. Masayuki was glowing from the glimmer of sunlight flowing through the window. He studied his dragon tattoo, covering the entire length of his chest, and paid homage to the creature living in his nightmares. The name of a powerful teacher and warrior seemed befitting the being that would forever remain with him.
            Turning in a full circle, he held the nunchucks high over his head before he brought them down with a harsh snap. As he crossed his leg and placed his foot on top of his knee he held the stance, counting to a full minute as he locked eyes with the haunted man staring back at him. This was the only freeing moment of his day and one so revered he took his powerful weapons with him wherever he went. Inhaling deeply, the scent of burning incense filled his nostrils and his soul with reminders of days gone by.
            Shane shifted his stance and closed his eyes, envisioning the moment of his capture and of his freedom. Somehow he could still hear the rattle of his chains as he was led to and from his cage daily. He twirled the instrument high over his head as the memories turned into vivid visions. It was always taught to him that forever and beyond was measured by our place in the past. Shane’s place was one of control and one of being controlled. He was proud of what he’d learned from his Master and the man who’d become his lover. And his torturer.
            Hearing a rustling noise, Shane turned slowly and nodded as Jade stepped into the room. While she almost never bothered him during his morning routine he could see her look of admiration and curiosity. Smiling, he nodded as he lowered the nunchucks. There was something beautiful and haunting about Jade Chen and the way the scarlet silk sheet was draped around her was strikingly powerful.
            “I’m sorry to disturb you. I woke and didn’t realize how late it was,” Jade said as she turned to go.
            “Please. I’m almost done. Come.” Beckoning her with a single finger, he allowed his lust filled gaze to glide down the length of her body and back up. With the simple turn of his head he could tell she knew exactly what he was saying – what he was requiring.
            Her eyes opening wide, she lowered her head before allowing the sheet to slip down from her body.
            The whooshing sound of the crisp sheet floating to the floor gave him more than just a smile. His cock swelled from the thought of ravaging her body again. Shane never grew tired of her feminine scent or her taste. Narrowing his eyes, he stretched and swung the chucks one more time as she advanced before placing them carefully on the mantle. There was no doubt she was terrified of the methods of combat. She’d known her share of horrible men in her past and one in particular had left a scar from his vicious use of them on her body.
            The fact was something that would forever remain in the back of Shane’s mind. His strict discipline had given him more control than most. “I’m hungry.”
            “You’re always hungry.” A slight smile crossed her face as she pushed her long, midnight locks behind her shoulders. “Insatiable in fact.”
            “You didn’t seem to mind last night or the night before.” Jade remained a constant in his bed and in his life and while they weren’t exclusive, he savored their moments of passion, especially when shared with another.





Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Pubit, Bookstrand and Coffee Time Romance

*Fans self* Well, this certainly whet my appetite. Another one I shall have to check out!
So, what are you all waiting for? Go check it out! Go, go!!

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Friends and Family: Do they support your writing?

I have seen so many status updates from fellow writers upset that they lack support from friends and/or family. Time and again I am heartbroken for them. I understand that the genres might not sit too well with a lot of people, but surely, as people who claim to love you, shouldn't they at least provide token support? They don't have to read the books if the genre and subject makes them uncomfortable, but is it too much to ask that they say "Well, although it isn't to my taste, I'm pleased that you have found something you enjoy doing and I wish you success with it"? Is it really too much to ask that?

We all say that we're supportive of our friends and family, but when it comes to topics that society thinks is taboo, or something that makes us personally uncomfortable it seems most people are willing to degrade each other and try to get them to quit it. At certain times trying to get someone to quit something is acceptable: ie a drug addicted family member, someone with a gambling problem etc. Things that cause financial/health issues. That is fine. I'm not calling that in to question here. I'm talking about support for hobbies/jobs that make the person happy and yet people around them are uncomfortable about. 

I consider myself lucky that those who know I write erotica and romance do support it. My dear other half isn't much of a reader so I don't expect him to read everything I write, but if I'm stuck we'll often bounce ideas off each other until I find a path that works for the story. My family has expressed real interest in buying my work when it is published (a few months off yet, but it's coming!) and my mother has said that it's a pity it's only in digital format (they're reluctant to get the internet, though maybe my sisters and I should consider splitting costs for an e-reader for her birthday...), and my friends love what I've allowed them to read so far, so I find it hard to grasp the concept of non-supportive people. But I know they exist.

To these people out there who are having trouble accepting that someone in your family is doing something you're uncomfortable about (ie writing "smut"), know this: As long as they aren't causing any actual harm to anyone (they don't allow their kids to know until they're old enough to handle it, and they don't make their kids read it or anything like that, so don't claim it's not good for the kids!), then there is no harm. They're doing something they love, bringing in a little extra cash (or in some cases it is their job, and main source of income), and it wouldn't hurt for you to just say to them that, although it isn't something you would read, you are happy for them that they are doing something they love. It won't cost you ANYTHING and it will mean A LOT to them. And if you don't want them talking details about it to you, let them know there are boundaries, and they will respect it. Just let them know you are happy for them to be doing something they enjoy. It isn't that hard!

If anyone is willing to post personal experiences, The Phoenix would love to hear about it. Change names or leave the comment anonymously if you'd prefer. But I'd like to hear from all sides: the writers, those who support them and those who are having trouble supporting them!

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Promo Monday: Elizabeth Black's Don't Call Me Baby

Starting this week, The Phoenix will be hosting Promo Mondays for fellow authors who wish to promote any of their works, past, current, or soon to be released. Stay tuned for future fantastic pieces of literature!

This week, I'm delighted to present to you Elizabeth Black, and her book Don't Call Me Baby, which is currently half price at All Romance ebooks

DON’T CALL ME ‘BABY’ by Elizabeth Black is on SALE!
From now until February 23rd 2012, you can purchase your very own copy for the low price of $4.99 at All Romance E-Books. Don’t miss out on your chance to be enthralled by this wonderful contemporary romance, full of everything you would expect when a woman is exploring her sexuality during the 1980’s.
Don’t Call Me Baby by Elizabeth Black
DON'T CALL ME 'BABY' is a fast-paced, quick-witted, sexy, novel about a young woman exploring her sexuality and the cultural morés she collides with on a daily basis.
It's 1983 in Maryland and Catherine Stone is sex on wheels. She plays the field the way men have done for aeons. Not content to strive for her MRS degree like so many young women her age, she seduces men of all stripes – married college professors, theatre students, virgins, complete strangers who intrigue her. She has already cost one man his job.
She asks herself lots of questions on her search to enjoy her sexuality. Why don't other women enjoy their sex as much as she does? Why do so many women and men look down on sexually free women, calling them sluts while sexually free men are called studs and Lotharios? She bucks at the double standards!  Catherine has made no commitment to any man. She's free to explore and she gladly does so. No man can tie her down and no woman's judgment will stop her from playing the field to her heart's content.
Does she meet her match in a new man who introduces her to sexual bliss she had never before experienced? When she tries multiple partners and bondage for the first time as a submissive, she believes she's found the sexual bliss she is looking for – and with a man who not only introduces her to the fineries in life but also cares about her like no man ever has before.

Catherine Stone looked around the amusement park and rides but saw nothing unusual. It was the end of another hot and humid day in Maryland during the summer of 1983. The sun had set behind the trees, casting shadows across the park hiding the car she sat in to some extent. Catherine wished it were a bit darker outside, because she was in constant fear of getting caught, but it was a hot June evening, so that was too much to ask for. Besides, the possibility of getting caught thrilled her, made the encounter all the more exciting for her. Every horn blowing and car pulling in made her hair stand on end. Will this be the cop who pulls us over? Can we get away with me sucking him off here yet again?
She unzipped Brian's trousers, and slipped her hand inside. Reaching into his briefs, her fingers wrapped around his growing cock and it jumped at her touch. Brian is so predictable. All he ever wants is for me to suck his cock. Good thing I demand a good, expensive meal after these trysts, or I'd get nothing out of them. She pulled his cock out of his trousers, feeling the organ spread out in her palm.
“Oh, that feels good. I love it when you stroke me off.”
She stroked his shaft, gripping him harder as her hand reached the base. Every time she squeezed, his cock jumped in her hand. She liked the way it looked and felt in her hand. Purple with arousal and thick with veins, the well-formed head glistened with pre-cum. In her years since starting college she had enjoyed many different types of cocks and Brian's was especially hot because it was so big and he was uncircumcised. She liked the look of hard cocks. When they were hard they were so sensitive. A twist a little too far this way or that way could hurt, yet she knew from what past lovers had told her, the pain felt so good. She liked pulling Brian's cock too far; just to get a painful, yet aroused reaction out of him. Although she felt impatient, she relished the fact that she was a good lay. Her blowjob skills had improved greatly over the months, and she could also make Brian come very quickly with her hand jobs.
As she gently rolled back his foreskin and stroked his growing shaft, she cradled his balls in her other hand. She liked the way his cock grew to nearly twice its size, when all she did was brush her fingers against it. It felt hard yet sinewy, like a garden hose full of water. She enjoyed the effect she had on him, and she relished her power. Sex was a heady power surge, and Catherine could not get enough of it.
Brian's cock was big; longer and thicker than other cocks she had the pleasure of sucking and fucking. Plus, at his age of fifty-eight, he stayed harder for a longer time, and it took him much longer to come than men her own age of twenty-two. Catherine never faked orgasms. She liked sex so much that she had no trouble coming every time she fucked. When she didn't feel like coming, she simply said so. Faking an orgasm was something she never even considered doing.
Tonight was one night, however, that she wished Brian would hurry up, come, and get it over with. She hated their trysts at the park because she got little if anything out of them. She would much rather stay in a nice hotel and spend the evening fucking without feeling any pressure, but that was not to be this evening. She needed to be at Silver Spring College in the morning for her new summer job. So here she sat, sexually unsatisfied and feeling a bit used wondering when she was going to meet a man who could satisfy her insatiable sexual needs.
Little did she know that several men, including a father and son, would please her over the upcoming summer weeks, including one man who was her match.
“Yes, stroke it, Baby. Go slowly.”
“Don't call me 'Baby'.” She hated it when he called her 'baby'. It made her feel like she was his property. “Baby” was also what her father called her mother when he was trying to excuse his extramarital affairs. He'd say, “I'm sorry, Baby,” when all he was sorry for was getting caught, not the actual affairs themselves. Catherine wondered if she saw married men because of the way her father treated her mother. At least with a married man, he couldn't force her to be exclusive. She didn't have to make a commitment to a married man or get too emotionally invested. She was interested in the sex more than the relationship. Whenever Brian called her “Baby”, he reminded her of why she saw married men and that made her feel uncomfortable. She preferred to be called “Honey” which sounded more affectionate. She'd even accept “Hon”, which was a popular term of endearment in her native Baltimore but Brian was from New York. She hated “Baby” because it sounded so crude to her. Her roommate's obnoxious boyfriend called her “Baby” when he was lying to her, so the word left a bad taste in Catherine's mouth.
About Elizabeth Black
I live in Massachusetts next to the ocean with my husband, son, and four cats. My articles and erotic books and short stories have been published by Romance Divine, Circlet Press, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, Xcite Books, Ravenous Romance, eXcessica Publishers, Scarlet Magazine, Sexis Magazine, Alternet, the Ms. Magazine Blog, Good Vibrations Magazine, and nuts4chic.

Here's where to find me elsewhere on the web:


Now that you've read a bit about this wonderful author and her brilliant book, go get it, see what all the fuss is about!!

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Dripping with Decadent Indulgence: Sara Curran-Ross's Sleeping Love

With a new screen background, the mood of romance is set to begin on my first review in a couple months; Sara Curran-Ross’s Sleeping Love. After a fight with the Adobe suite on the computer, I’m thrilled to be finally sitting down to this. So, with another cup of coffee, I relax, and indulge in the wonderful web that Sara weaves as a story-teller.
A sense of fairytale romance with veins of possible danger was an instant and intense picture that is painted from the first words. Sara has managed to describe scenes in high detail with the right amount of words to not be rambling. Even the vocabulary contributes, not something that all authors can achieve. I found a smile tugging the corner of my lips on numerous occasions, while part of me melted at the thought of the leading man, Raoul in any number of outfits, or lack thereof. The imaginative scenes inspired by Sleeping Love are wonderfully distracting, originating from a solid story that is romantically foggy at the edges, just like a glamour photo designed to provoke beautiful feelings. When Sabrina and Raoul finally give in to the heat, it’s cataclysmic, sensual and exciting. I've read quite a few stories filled with hot scenes, and I must say this is one of my personal favourites. The delicate balance of sweet romance and primal desire is a delicious dance that Sara purveys with incredible skill.
Each scene dripped decadent indulgence, and had me wistfully wishing for a mansion like Chateau Valoire. I did notice a few editing errors, but it is rare for any published work to be entirely error free, and the generous lavishing of luxury made the few errors miniscule in importance. The imperfections are what make something so glorious more tangible and within reach. Sabrina’s thought patterns sometimes swapped from “you” to “I”, or “you” to “him” in one breath, so to speak, and could sometimes created a slight hitch in the otherwise smooth story, but again the overall luxurious feeling overpowered such hiccups. And to be honest, I find myself swapping from second and third person in my own thought patterns, so really it made her more relatable, at least to myself.
Overall, the flooding emotions as Sabrina fights to regain her memory of her life with Raoul are strong and a mix of emotions are directed at the man himself; pity for the loss of his wife for seven long years, and indignation at the force he uses to keep her in his sight until she remembers. His protective attentions are vivid, and as he tries to seduce her memory back, I couldn't help but tilt my head and respond along with Sabrina.
A captivating tale of memories and a life lost, and the struggle to regain the Sabrina that once was. This will most definitely be going in my “to read again” pile! Well done Sara, you’ve outdone yourself with Sleeping Love!

If you’ve read Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels series, you might find the emotions and sense of danger similar, or Sabrina’s struggle to remember herself might also appeal to those who have read The Fire and Ice Series by Australia author Kim Faulks. 

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Wrangling The Muse: When the story just won't be written...

Most, if not all writers know the dread of Writer's Block. You sit down at the computer (or with pad and pen, for those who prefer the old school) with your coffee (or water, or whichever beverage you prefer), filled with energy and enthusiasm to continue or start the story... hours pass and you've still done nothing more than check some emails and get distracted on Facebook or doodling in Paint because the story just will not cooperate. 

The dreaded Writer's Block can strike for any, or no, reason at all. Maybe it's too hot. Maybe it's too cold. Maybe there's too much noise, or not enough. Maybe it's a Monday (come on, we ALL hate Mondays!!). Or maybe we're waiting for something, and can't keep our eye off the clock, no matter how hard we try to distract ourselves. 

I get it all the time. Seems Alana just isn't in the routine of being nice yet. She helped get The Wolf In The Neighborhood written fairly quickly, considering how busy I was at the time, but now that I have taken time from my reviews specifically to write (not helped by the fact our Adobe suite on the desktop doesn't want to work and the laptop freezes the moment the internet is connected), she has gone on vacation. It isn't fair. I have... *pauses for mental tally* one novella in progress (to be followed by the final in the series), plus a short story, two novels and an anthology of my own to write, and in the past week, I've managed a sad 800 words. In a week. At my best, I can easily manage close to 10k in that same time. So why am I having no luck?

My theory is that, because I don't have the reviews to take my attention, Alana doesn't feel threatened, and is therefore being lazy. Not to mention the plan to move from the unit to a house. Moving, or even just planning to move, is never helpful for productivity outside the activity of moving and planning. Especially when the people you need to talk to have an attitude and don't do their job because of some imagined issue. 

But enough on that. I want to know how you deal with uncooperative muses. Do you go do some other activity (productive or relaxing) until you're ready to try again, or do you sit down and battle them out? Maybe you try to write something else, like a message to a friend, or blog about your frustrations at trying to write (like I currently am). Maybe you read through what you have so far in the hopes it sparks it off again, or write the synopsis if it hasn't been done already. 

I do a combination of these, depending on the story, the day and my mood. Sometimes I'll sit and battle with Alana for a while, usually reading through the story so far, or playing a scene in my head that involves the characters, but won't necessarily be in the story, just to get an idea of the characters more. Sometimes I'll give up and go read, or play Lego Pirates of the Caribbean on Wii for a little while (a highly addictive game. I've finished it twice, tempted to start yet again and try for a third time), or even bake some muffins. When Alana was still cooperative with my sketches, that would sometimes help. 

A possible solution to the block for myself, at least, is also photography. I do need to practise with the Nikon after all. But alas, Australian summer and me are not a good mix. I dehydrate too easily and am prone to heat stroke. So I have to be careful when I do go out in the heat. Besides, the cat would 'yell' at me for leaving. Little bugger. 

So creativity of other forms is another possible solution to writers block. I know some who will go exercise to break past the wall. Music, shopping, movies, reading, distractions of all sorts. Different things work for different people, and can even differ from day to day, and story to story. So what works for you? I would love to hear what works for other people when they are struck with a famine of the words.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New NNP author John Simpson and his novel Pain and Revenge!

Have you heard about the new book out by John Simpson through Naughty Nights Press?
It is called Pain and Revenge and it is the type of book that will have you holding your breath for what happens next. Cheering for the good guy and booing the bad guy. It will make your knees go weak with the blatant eroticism used.
Pain and Revenge is a Gay Male Erotica, BDSM, Thriller/Suspense story that is written with depth and insightfulness that will have the reader enthralled.
Rookie CIA agent James Elliot is sent to his first assignment in London, where he finds out that not only does the CIA know that he's gay, but that he's been brought in on an assignment precisely for that reason. James is thrown into a situation where he must seduce a Russian GRU Agent and find out what he's doing in England.

Warning: male/male forced sex scene that is intricate to the plot. Also spankings are the sadistic Russians specialty and the question is, "Can James Elliot hold out to finish the job?" The novella reaches a satisfactory conclusion as the answer to the question.

Buy Links:

Excerpt from PAIN AND REVENGE by John Simpson
I was just about to begin to fill him in on his assignment, shall I proceed?" Severs asked.
"Yes, by all means."
A photograph took up the entire screen at the other end of the table.
"This is Gregor Malakoff. He's just been brought in to the Russian Embassy as a "general trade," mission member but his real job is GRU, or the Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye, also known as Russian military intelligence. As you know, the GRU is Russia's largest intelligence agency, which also controls their "Spetsnaz," or Special Forces.
Here's what we have on him personally: He is 5'11, 190 pounds of solid muscle. He works out four times a week and is deadly when it comes to martial arts. Brown hair, blue eyes. One more thing, he's gay. He has a preference for males of a slighter build, blond hair, blue eyes, on the submissive side, shorter or as tall as him but no taller, and between 145 pounds and 200. Oh, and he likes his men hung and preferably into leather type bedroom activities."
"And you're telling me all this detail, why?"
"Elliot, we know as the agency knows,  that you are gay. You have blond hair, blue eyes, are 5'10, 185, fairly well built. The only thing the agency doesn't know is if you're hung or not. Are you?"
"Am I what? Hung? Are you kidding me? You want me to go after this Malakoff sexually?"
"Are you hung?"
"Yes damnit! What if I weren't? Would that exclude me from this madness?"
"No, you would just have to try harder in other areas. Sorry to get so personal James really I am. However, it's vital that you become a honey pot for this man."
"A what?"
"It's an old expression in the spy business. Both sides would use good-looking women who were agents to get next to their targets and suck information out of them as it were. This is the same principle using the male gender."
"Yeah, I understand. Only it won't be just information that I'll be forced to suck out of this dude."
"It's for the flag James, the women had to do the same thing and more."
"Why is this guy so important?"
"We need to find out why the GRU has sent a man here to London of all places. It's not the usual location for this type of agent. Your job is to find out how long he's going to be here, and why. You'll wanna get invited back to his flat since he doesn't stay at the Embassy, and find out what he has there. Your cover will be what it is. You're an accountant for an American company that imports both English and Scottish products to the states. It's all in your briefing file, including the bars this guy likes to hang out in."
"You'll be given the latest in listening devices so that we should be able to monitor you wherever you go and whatever you do."
"Wonderful. You said he was into leather stuff, like what?" James asked.
"He likes to frequent bars that engage in spanking and whips. London has about five such bars and he has his favorites."
"Oh my God! You mean to tell me that since I'm supposed to be submissive that this guy is going to be beating my ass on top of everything else?"
"It may come to that, yes I'm afraid."
"You're afraid? It won't be your ass or back that feels the beating. Damn!"

 John Simpson is a Vietnam Era Veteran, former Police Officer of the Year, a Federal Agent, a Federal Magistrate, an armed bodyguard to Saudi Royalty, a senior Federal Government executive and recipient of awards from the Vice President of the United States and the Secretary of Treasury.

John feels that for too long fiction writers neglected gay men. John writes entertaining, enjoyable, and enthralling fiction centered on the lives and lifestyles of gay men. John allows his readers to see life through gay mens' eyes. And just like real life, John's characters have active and exciting sex lives. John calls on his broad personal and professional experience in writing gay erotica. John is author of numerous full length novels available through Dreamspinner Press, TeB and Naughty Nights Press and several short stories in Alyson Books anthologies. Additionally, John has just signed on with Silver Publishing who will be putting out short stories and novellas. John has written magazine articles for gay and straight audiences alike.

John lives with his partner of 36 years who he legally married in 2008, and their three Scottish Terriers. John is highly involved with the Church, specifically seeking to repair rifts between Christendom and the gay community.

John wishes to extend a very special thanks to his many female readers. He appreciates and loves the fact women enjoy male/male erotica, and he thanks you for your past and continued support. He hopes to never disappoint you, and always leave you wanting more!